How to Keep Your Black Pants Black

We all love black pants- they go with everything and go with us everywhere. There is just one little problem: keeping them black. After all, we can’t be seen walking around with faded pants!

If this is a problem you’re all too familiar with, you’ve probably resorted to just dropping off a load at the dry cleaners. It can get costly, we know, and it’s a hassle. So why not give AELLA pants a try? Our pants are made from a luxurious fabric that never fades – a responsibly dyed nylon straight from Italy. Many pants contain natural fibers, like cotton and rayon, which are more likely to fade. Whereas AELLA’s unique fabric contains synthetic fibers, like nylon, that have superior color retention. Plus, they’re wrinkle resistant. Problem solved!

Whether we are talking AELLA pants or not, here’s our guide to taking the care of your favorite black pants:

  1. Turn the pants inside out when washing them. This minimizes the friction between your pants and other items.
  2. The colder the better! Warm water can cause dark colors to bleed and fade.
  3. Use color-safe & mild detergent. We love The Launderess’ Delicate Wash. It removes all the dirty stuff while cleaning and preserving the fabric.
  4. Try adding a little salt. Half a cup of salt added directly to the main tub can help prevent dark dyes from bleeding and take off soap residue from the clothing.
  5. Don’t put them in the dryer. Instead, lay them flat to dry.
  6. Wash them only when necessary. True, this does not apply to undergarments! However, washing causes the fabrics to run against each other and lose it’s luster.


    Make things easier and order a pair of our signature pants…they’ll never fade.


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