Meet Julia – A Passionate & Lively Woman Who Inspires

Julia Michels
Independent Music Supervisor


Where are you from? Hinsdale, Illinois

What are your hobbies? I love to cook when I can, and I love to work out. Staying healthy is a big part of being able to function each day at a high level.


Tell us about your career trajectory. My first job in the film/music business was working for a Film Composer Agent. From there I jumped around from Record Labels to Film Studios working as a Music Executive who hired all the Music Supervisors. Now my friends at all those studios hire meJ In this business it’s best to gain as much experience in many areas of film music because when you are independent, you have to understand how the big machine works.

What’s a specific moment you believe was a game changer in your career? Were there any hard choices you had to make? When I was hired to Music Supervise The Devil Wears Prada. That was a game changer for me and really put me on the map. From there my career really took off. The hardest thing to learn is the art of saying “no”. Sometimes you need to make that choice to support yourself. If you can learn to do that gracefully, you can enjoy the ride a bit more.

What’s been your biggest challenge in building your career? It sounds cliché but being a woman in a man’s business. You have to form a thick skin while not losing site of your feminine side.   It gives you power and just that little bit of edge to be heard in a room.

What qualities have you developed that have been essential to your success? Resilience, Resourcefulness, Grace and the ability to admit your mistakes.

Can you give our customers some career tips? If you love something, go make it happen.   Don’t take “no” for an answer and be resourceful. You are the only one who can set limits on yourself, no one else can.


There are only 24 hours in a day. How do you balance your life? Technology makes it really hard to shut down/turn off at the end of the day as there is always more to do.  Truthfully that is something I have not yet mastered. I just keep true to the things that are really important to me, which is friends and family. Without them, none of the success matters!

How do you organize your life to take care of your family and grow your career? Yes I am a Mom and it takes a Village! I have wonderful support or I could NOT do what I do. Whether it’s someone on salary or a generous family member, you must surround yourself with help. That gives you time to do your job as well as be a Mom, which of course, for us that have kids, is the most important job of all!

Who do you look to for motivation? My girls who do what I do! I have an amazing group of women friends who all have high-pressure jobs in this business. We support and help each other in our daily business life or in our personal lives. Each and every one of them inspires me every day.

What are some motivational words you live by? Stay true to yourself and trust your gut instinct. And always treat people with respect, no matter what level they are currently at because one day, you might be working for them.

Any life advice you would now give to your younger self? Don’t stress so much and sleep more!!

I can’t go a week without reading my fashion magazines.

My must-have app is Uber!

When I am exhausted, my favorite way to unwind is pouring a glass of wine and getting in comfy clothes.

Pour me a glass of wine!

You’ll never hear me say “I can’t do that”.


What’s the first thing you do after a long day? Take off my clothes, put on my AELLA pants, put on a t-shirt, put up my hair and open that bottle of wine.

If you could wear one outfit all day, how would your life change? I would have more time! If I could wear one outfit that went from sitting in my garage, which is where I work, to going into a studio for a meeting or play back, to coming home to cook dinner, it would be amazing.

What do you look for in clothes when you go shopping? Fit and then comfort.

I’m small, so fit is really important to me. I can’t wear a lot of clothes because it’s just too much material. And then comfort, of course. We are in our cars all the time in Los Angeles, so it’s nice to be able to get out of the car and not be wrinkled.

Given your job, do your priorities change when you’re shopping for work clothes? I just go for what I love. I like to dress well and wear heels. I work in a very young industry, so it’s nice to have some sass and personality. Fun comfortable and fits me well.

What’s your ideal uniform? My staple would be my AELLA pants. I have three pairs already. I was an early adopter. They’re so comfortable but look professional; it’s almost like a disguise. It’s as if you’re wearing work-out pants, but they’re sexy and fit really well. The perfect staple for every day!

What came to your mind when you first put on your AELLA pants? I couldn’t believe they were so comfortable and so well made. 

How would you describe AELLA pants to someone who’s never heard of us? Great for the busy professional - comfortable and stylish.

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