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Suede Skin

Suede Skin feels exactly like the name suggests: like beautiful suede- but with a crisp edge.


Made of Tencel, a fiber known for its sustainability, this fabric is more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen and softer than silk.

-Ultra Breathable
-Wrinkle resistant

This is our answer to the look of classic wool suiting. But with AELLA, you don’t have to compromise on comfort.



Care guide

1. Insert the item into The Laundress Mesh Washing Bag. Select the Delicates cycle and cold water. Add the appropriate amount of The Laundress Delicate Detergent based on the load size. Remove promptly after washing.

2. Lay flat to air dry in its natural shape on a drying rack. If needed, tumble dry on the lowest possible setting and remove immediately after the cycle. 

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