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Crop Your Pants

Loving the cropped pant trend but afraid to cut your favorite slacks? Looking to give a second wind to those pants you never wear? Let us show you how to ensure the perfect raw edge crop every time! 




Pair of AELLA pants, scissors, chalk, tape measure and a ruler


  1. While standing, grab your tape measure and measure the length of your inseam, going from your crotch to your desired length towards your ankles. Remember this measurement. 

  2. Using a structured fabric pant (like your favorite AELLA Flares or Cigarettes) lay your pants flat. Starting from the crotch, run the measuring tape along the inseam of the pants. Mark the measurement you took from Step 1 with chalk, pencil or even safety pins. This is your crop mark! 

  3. Use a ruler to draw a straight line across the crop mark.  

  4. Using your scissors cut along the chalk line, one pant leg at a time. 

  5. Shake your pants out and grab your favorite heels, flats or tennis - you're ready to go! 

  6. For best results, we recommend that you wash your pants with the newly cut edges, so that these edges get frayed.


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