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The Ankle Skinny

We love how It-Girl Charmed By Camille styled our Ankle Skinnies and a few of her favorite AELLA pieces in her post, Brands to Love. Check out her style and read what she has to say!

"These ankle pants are, simply put, amazing. Dare I say that these are just as or more comfortable than a pair of Lululemon pants? I took them for a test run on the weekend instead of my usual lazy girl leggings and was instantly sold. Confession: I love leggings. I didn’t think anything could replace my lazy weekend/semi hobo vibe. However, these ankle pants have changed my life and instantly upped weekend my game.

Aella makes these neat-o snap off/zip off pieces. Voila! This khaki beauty is one of them. Is this not the most amazing thing ever? Anything to make my life easier when LA slaps me with its bipolar weather is a win in my book." - Camille Carter



Read Camille's full article here.

Camille is wearing the Mid-Rise Ankle Skinny ($198), Convertible Duster ($275), and Perfect Crewneck ($85).


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