Things That Make Us Feel #likeaboss

We all have things, whether it be a make-up product, an app, or a piece of clothing, that make us feel organized, in charge, and just plain good about ourselves, i.e., #likeaboss. Think of things that start with "I can't leave the house without," or, "What did I do before . . . ?" 

At AELLA we're always swapping our latest make-up and skin care discoveries, app reviews, must-read online magazines and more, so we've listed some of our favorites below. Our philosophy of empowering women goes beyond clothes. Here we're all about a solution driven lifestyle!


- Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent: Hello radiance, good bye "Are you sick?" With this magic stick no one well ever be able to tell that you were up until 3 AM working and running on caffeine.


- Armani Designer Lift Foundation: Perfect for the gal who accidentally on purpose hit the snooze button one too many times. Who has time to blend when they need to get of the house in 15 seconds?

- RMS: One of our favorite niche beauty brands founded by a woman! We love RMS' Lip Shine. They have five different shades, each one providing a beautiful and moisturizing hint of color from sheer pink to neutral caramel brown. This is a must if you're all about the "I woke-up like this" effortlessness.

- Rodin: Yes, another niche beauty brand founded by a woman, and yes, another lip product, but if you're obsessed with Rodin's olio lusso for your skin, this is the same thing except for your lips. It's just as hydrating and with that dreamy signature jasmine-orange blossom scent, without the gunky texture of normal gloss that causes all of your hair to stick to your lips.




- ClassPass: This is like the gym membership dreams are made of! For $99 a month, you get to take all kinds of group fitness classes at studios all over your city at whatever time works for you. It satisfies our need for variety and flexibility. We also love this tech start-up because it was founded by kickass females.  

- The New York Times: We love feeling the newspaper in our hands, but here we're referring to the app.  Who doesn't like to sound like they know what they're talking about in the time it takes to wait for the elevator or in that morning rush-hour coffee line?

- Betterment: A website and an app that makes investing easy by creating a portfolio based on your goals and risk profile. And because the cost is much lower that what you would pay at a traditional firm, this is a great option for young professionals or small business owners.

- Audible: This app by Amazon is the best and by far the safest way to multi-task while in the car. With a monthly membership, pick from over 180K audiobooks and catch up on all that "reading" you vowed to do in 2015.


- Aella Signature Ankle Skinnies: A staple in our wardrobe and not just because we made them. We really do wear them everywhere!

What are some of your #likeaboss go-to's? We'd love to hear them, because sharing is caring!



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