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Buying pants online can be tricky, and believe us, we get it. Am I going to have to hem them? I'm really digging that pair of Flares, but I wonder if I can pull it off? Should I get the Skinnies or the Slims, and what's the difference?

A product page can only go so far. This is why we created our Fit Guide to help make your pants shopping experience as informed as possible. Underneath each product image on our website are real women of different heights and body shapes wearing our pants.

And as if the Fit Guide wasn’t helpful enough, we also offer a Try-On Service in case you are still not sure on sizing. Order two sizes of pants to try and send back the one that doesn't work!

Here are the things to note when trying to make up your mind on which pair to buy (because we know in a perfect world, you'd order all of them):

1. Inseam
The inseam is the measurement from the top of your crotch to the bottom of your leg. This is what you should pay attention to when trying to figure out what length will work best for you. Most skinny styles are between 27 and 30 inches. Flared or wide trousers are a bit longer- anywhere from 32 to 36"- giving you the option to hem them to your liking.
2. Silhouette 
It's all about knowing your body and of course what you like, but here are some of our suggestions on which silhouettes may best flatter your shape!


Petite: We suggest our Signature Ankle Skinnies. This style has the shortest inseam at 27 inches. It's meant to be ankle-length but is chic when worn a little longer on more petite ladies. Our Perfect Slims have a longer inseam at 30 inches, but still look super cute scrunched up at the ankles with booties or sneakers.

Curvy: We think there is no better way to show off those curves than with our form fitting Perfect Slims. Show them off! The lighter weight fabric envelopes your body beautifully.

Tall: The Classic Flares have the longest inseam and are perfect for the mile-long-legs effect.

Straight: We recommend our Relaxed Boyfriend Trouser. The waist stretches more than our other styles so it fits nicely over the waist and the slightly tapered leg creates shape. 

3. Rise
The rise is where your pants sit on the waist. A low rise means the waist sits 2" (or more) below your navel; a mid-rise typically means just below your navel; and high-rise means the pants sit on your natural waist.
All of our pants are mid-rise, because not only is it lengthening but it's also more sophisticated. Our mid-rise is about an inch below the belly button, so think of it as a happy medium between mom jeans and whale tail. 
Of course these are merely suggestions - you like what you like and we want you to experiment! Happy shopping! 

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