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Whenever we get to give ourselves a little brain break from work, we love to get lost in a good book. Maybe there is a glass of wine in our hand while we're reading, maybe there isn't. It all depends on how badly we needed that break!

We all know the obvious picks: Lean In, Bossy Pants, and Gone Girl. Here are some books that you may not have read yet.

For the fearless adventurer . . . Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

(Photograph by Tanveer and Kelly Phillips Badal)

This is the first hand account of the Mount Everest disaster that took place on May 10, 1996. This ascent resulted in the greatest loss of life in the history of mountaineering on Mount Everest. Krakauer takes the reader step by step from the base at Katmandu to the pinnacle. Reading this book, you nearly feel lightheaded as he describes the intense effects of oxygen depletion and no sleep for 57 hours. While this book doesn't have quite a happy ending, you feel as if you've heroically climbed Mount Everest yourself, but from the comfort of your couch.


For anyone in need of book club suggestions . . . We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves by Karen Fowler

We will start by saying, do yourself a favor and don't read any of the spoilers! Of course, do what you'd like, but this is where much of the magic and intrigue of the book lie. This is a story of a young woman with a dysfunctional family and a tragic past. When we meet her in the middle of the novel she is in college and has lost her brother and sister. Despite all of this, We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves is a poignant read about family, science, and love that will change the way you think about what it means to be human.


For the practical business woman . . . Street Smarts: An All Purpose Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs by Norm Brodsky

Norm Brodsky, a Senior Contributing Editor for Inc. Magazine and a highly touted veteran entrepreneur (he has founded and sold 6 businesses, the latest of which sold for $110 million), shares his advice, stories and philosophies that have brought him his success. Don't expect Brodsky to hold your hand in a series of steps or how-to's; rather think of this as a prescription of hard learned principles, a recounting of successes and failures, and embracing of counter-intuitive thinking born out of Brodsky's personal experiences.  

One more thing, though: it's not cheating if you buy these as audio books. What the heck else are we supposed to do while we're stuck in traffic? We love using Audible and Kindle together. Since the apps sync, you can jump seamlessly from reading the book and listening to it on the go. Enjoy!



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