We are thrilled to introduce the new FeatherSkin™ tops to the world!

Too many shirts, even the more luxurious options, are too sheer to comfortably wear to the office and develop sweat marks in hot weather. So, when we started designing our new shirts, we went on the hunt for the perfect fabric – functional, soft, and opaque. But as the motto goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”! So, using AELLA’s own knitting mill, we created a proprietary cotton blend fabric- FeatherSkin™. What makes our fabric unique is that it combines the functionality of dry-fit activewear and the downy touch of pima cotton.

The inner layer of fabric uses a wicking polyester, whose fiber construction wicks moisture off the body and propels it from the fabric. This means that even if you get a little sweaty, your shirt won’t stay damp and you’ll feel cool and fresh all day long. The outer layer of fabric features premium pima cotton and micromodal for a shirt that’s super soft to touch.

Our goal is to make clothes you don’t want to change out of: shirts that stay fresh, pants that feel like yoga-wear, and blazers that move with you. Are you ready to wear the new uniform for the 24/7 woman?



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