Behind the “Women Who Inspire” Campaign


At AELLA, we believe we don’t have to be uncomfortable to look polished. We racked our brains to find a way to show just how perfect our clothing is for women who live 24/7 lives…and then it hit us! What better way to show the real life practicality of our clothing than on the actual women we design for?

We chose 6 inspirational women who not only occupy gender-breaking roles in the workforce, but also lead 24/7 lives as wives, mothers, and athletes. They work in different industries and lead different lives, but they share one thing in common - AELLA clothing supports their lifestyle.



The sheer hard work and determination of our participants are inspirational to us, but there’s more. We interviewed the women and had them dish on AELLA, their careers, staying motivated, and balancing their 24/7 lives. They gave us so many gold nuggets of information; we know you’ll love hearing what they have to say. Explore the “Women Who Inspire” landing page to catch interview excerpts, and keep checking the blog each week for full profiles of each of our inspirational women.


From standing to sitting, jumping and stretching, AELLA Collection is made for movement. #StayFlexible



Angela Bundrant Turner, VP Affiliate Marketing at REVOLT Media & TV

Anneke Jong, VP of Operations & Marketing at Reserve

Julia Michels, Music Supervisor (Pitch Perfect, Sex & the City…)

Meg Gill, Founder of Golden Road Brewing (Youngest Female Brewer in America)

Noel Yerington, Director West Coast Sales at Refinery29

Yifat Oren, Founder of Yifat Oren & Associates

Photography: Stephen Busken

Hair: Nic Walpert

Makeup: Kirin Bhatty & Loren Canby

Videography: byDesign films

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