Stay Active In 2016

AELLA styles not only give you a polished and boss babe-esque vibe, but also promote wellness by allowing & empowering you to stay active 24/7 – despite your busy life.

If upping your style game and staying active are two of your new years resolutions, we’ve rounded up a few ways you can do both…at the same time.

1. Take the Stairs

Don’t take the easy way out; opt for the stairs over the elevator this year. Doing this not only adds steps, but can act as a cardio workout. Our pants make doing that easier, and our FeatherSkin™ tops ensure you show up to your desk sweat mark free!

2. Stretch at Your Desk

Wearing AELLA essentials to work makes it easy to take a 5 to 10 minute break from perpetual sitting and typing. You’ll be able to bend and twist just as easily as you would in your yoga pants.

We recommend adding our Cinched Blazer and complimentary Skinnies to your regular outfit rotation – workwear meets flexibility.

3. Ride a Bike

Bike your way to work…or to your next lunch date. While bike riding may be all fun and games as a leisurely activity, it’s not easy to incorporate biking into your daily routine, especially when you need to look put together post-ride.

Your solution - our Pencil Skirt! Easily adjust the height of the slit for a more comfortable ride. As a bonus, it won’t wrinkle.

4. Walk the Dog, Before & After Work

Dog walks are great ways for both you and Fido to get some fresh air & stay active. The one thing most likely holding you back from enjoying a nice long dog-walk….your restrictive workwear.

Instead, stay outfitted in AELLA Skinnies. They’re flexible, extra-comfy, and have pockets for storing keys, cell phones and doggy bags!

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